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Would you like to support my work? be part of my network? Well, then this is the place to do so. I know that Alex and I have been slow to add this, but we were waiting to achieve my 10,000 subscriber milestone!

We wanted to own most of the e-commerce infrastructure so that we could minimize the costs on transaction fees. Stripe is the company that we ended up using to power all of our shop. If you are looking to start your own shop, then please check them out. We are not affiliated (but would love to be).

Money plan

The money distribution is very simple and I will document it all along the way just as I have done so far. Your contribution will be pooled with others and used to continue my project creation process. I need to create, and you can help me do it!

Any additional funds will be reinvested back into business to bring more projects into life. Toronto has a lot of wonderful manufacturing opportunities that we hope to explore and leverage at some point. Hopefully you will be there along the way! If not, any contribution is deeply appreciated. As it is a monthly donation, you can cancel at any time!

First supporters

Through my content, I share with you a little piece of me. I show you something that I find extremely important and valuable. I try to show my unique Canadian take on this crazy world of ours in the way I know best: making things. I take you through the idea development process and show you the process. I hope that you can follow me along and do it too if you like!

We have real goals with tangible long-term projects. However, we are also mindful of committing to something and underdelivering.

For starters, your contribution will continue to provide content for everyone in the world to see. However, in terms of actionable items, we are planning the following: a community.

Thank you for reading and your support.

Have a wonderful day!

PS: We also have a Patreon account


May 21, 2019community forum discussion board was launched and announced on the live-stream

May 13, 2019 – week of May 13, received first supporters via our website. Started work on the community forum.

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